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Stumping for Colorado A51

Posted by Patrick on 19 October 2008

This post can also be found in my journal on Trusera

In Colorado there are 12,500 people on the waiting list for developmental disability funding that enables them to (afford the ability to) participate in treatment programs. Out of that number, 2/3 are on an immediate waitlist – meaning that they are only waiting for money to become available.

Colorado is voting on a state statute titled Amendment 51 which provides the additionally-needed $185M to essentially end the waitlist for developmental disability treatment. This money comes from a 0.2% state tax increase (2 cents per $10) phased in over 2 years.

Although my child has AS and is not on a CCB waitlist because his condition is mild (and we don’t want to take away someone else’s opportunity when they need it more), I am surrounded by families who struggle every month – who have to choose between therapy and life necessities.

It makes sense to approve additional funding, even with the current state of the economy – those who are on the waitlist or who are paying with their retirement funds to treat their 3 year old are impacted much more severely under the current conditions. Though opponents say that this extra money could be gathered by reallocating how Colorado spends its current funds, there haven’t been any plans created by opponents which detail how to allocate $185M with a zero net change to the taxpayer. I would suggest that the opponents of this measure are not among those who are in touch with the 12,500 people that can’t get a fair shake.


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